Six tips for showing your employees a little love

Posted on: 12th Feb 2018 by: Dêmos HR Solutions

As an employer, it can be easy getting distracted by meeting targets and focusing on objectives, sometimes forgetting to acknowledge the hard-work of your team to the extent that they really deserve. There is plenty of evidence which shows that employees who feel valued by their organisation are more productive and more committed, so it’s worth your time to let your employees know how grateful you are to them. As February brings Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and there’s no better time to let the people at the heart of your business know that you care and appreciate all that they do year-round.  

Make a personal connection

Get to know your employees. Simply taking some time to find out a little more about their interests or their life at home, shows that you see them on a human level and as more than a figure on the payroll.  Understanding external demands on your staff, also allows you to be more responsive and solution focussed should they need occupational support in future. 

A little goes a long way

A quick thank you email or some tasty snacks in the staffroom are small gestures that help let your staff know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Praise specific actions, so that they know they’ve done more than just ‘a good job’.

New opportunities

Rewarding your team to show your appreciation doesn’t have to be financial. Noticing the emerging talents and specific interests of your employees and finding opportunities for them to develop their skills or unleash their creativity is a fantastic way to not only benefit the development of each individual but the culture of the business as a whole.

Set challenging but achievable goals

Encourage success and keep staff motivated with incentives, perhaps a team outing, or a small bonus if you can afford it. When your employees achieve their targets, reward them to celebrate and to acknowledge how much they mean to the business.  

Regular appraisal and mentoring

Having the opportunity to reflect on performance and to set targets is another way to show you value each member of the team and are committed to investing in their career progression.  Reviewing progress regularly and exploring ways to continue skill development through offering professional support, is a great way to build confidence.

Options for flexible working

Giving your employee a sense of ownership over their time and offering a more flexible way of working, demonstrates trust, empowers individuals and helps to satisfy a better work life balance. A day off for your birthday? No problem.  A staggered start to the day to attend a school assembly? Yes, please. Letting your staff know that you value the things that are important to them will help to reduce stress and increase happiness. Happy staff = happy boss.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to reward your staff and make them feel valued, contact Debbie Mosley at Dêmos HR Solutions on 07974 695 365 or hello@demoshr.co.uk for professional advice on employee benefits, bonus incentive schemes and much more.

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