Coronavirus outbreak - HR Guidance for your business 23rd March 2020

Posted on: 24th Mar 2020 by: Dêmos HR Solutions

Coronavirus HR Guidance for employers
Coronavirus HR Guidance for employers
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Isolation Notes

‘Isolation notes’ are now available from NHS 111 for employees  with symptoms of coronavirus and from the NHS website for those who live with someone that has symptoms. The government is urging employers to be flexible and use discretion with the requirement for medical certification but if you do want evidence the service is now available.


Job Retention Scheme

On Friday the government announced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The key points are summarised below;  

  • The grant is available to employees who are put out of work as a result of coronavirus
  • Employees in this situation will be classed as furloughed workers
  • Furloughed workers will remain on the company payroll rather than being laid off or made redundant
  • All existing terms and conditions of employment will remain unaffected (other than pay) meaning employees will continue to accrue holiday and other contractual benefits etc
  • Continuity of employment will not be affected by this change
  • During this period the employee should not undertake any work for you
  • The company must apply for the grant for each furloughed worker, and can claim up to 80% of wages for each employee, up to maxim of £2500 per month per employee
  • You as the employer can choose to fund the difference, or partially fund the difference between this payment and their salary, but you don’t have to
  • This can be backdated to 1 March
  • It is intended that this scheme will run for at least 3 months from 1 March but will be extended if necessary
  • Unless there is a contractual right to lay off workers you will need agreement from the employees to be placed on furlough leave
  • The alternative is likely to be lay off or redundancy (depending on their contracts of employment) so the above will hopefully be unlikely to present an issue in most cases.


Government Links

For all latest updates on the coronavirus job retention scheme and other measures implemented to support business please visit: 

We will keep you updated on the HR implications of any further announcements / developments as they arise. If you’ve got any questions about anything raised please give Debbie a call on 07974 695 365. Although this is new to everyone and an ever-evolving situation, we will do our best to help you! 

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